New York #rabbits

It doesn’t mean much in the end, but my observations on international aviation law have made their way into The Atlantic, Financial Times, and Reuters. I never did make it into the New York Times — that is, not until I started discussing #rabbits.

Next goal: Get #friendlyfascism trending worldwide.



  1. What I most appreciate about this is that your haters must be fuming that Eastern Orthodoxy gets a rare mention in the NYT, by way of the apostate Gabriel Sanchez.

  2. Oh my goodness…”apostate”…and pray tell Mr White since your name is obviously not “Orthodox” in origin, from which denomination did you “apostate” from?

      1. Gabriel,

        Yes I figured as much! But apostate is really such a nasty term; usually reserved for those who leave Christianity altogether; much like the former Greek Orthodox Cat Stevens’ conversion to Islam.

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