1. “The Church’s social doctrine is not a ‘third way’ between liberal capitalism and Marxist collectivism, nor even a
    possible alternative to other solutions less radically opposed to one another: rather, it constitutes a category of
    its own. Nor is it an ideology, but rather the accurate formulation of the results of a careful reflection ton the
    complex realities of human existence, in society and international order, in the light of faith and of the Church’s
    tradition.” John Paul II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, Para. 42.

    1. Again, “no third way” does not appear in the text of CA. Moreover, you seem incapable, based on prior discussions, of reading CST in a holistic manner. At the end of business, even if this passage is taken alone, it does not a priori reject Distributism, Solidarism, or other so-called “third way” economic alternatives. It certainly does not ordain capitalism as the way. Try again.

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