1. Excellent commentary my thoughts exactly. It is so frustrating when conservative Catholics seem more at home forming “alliances” with Evangelicals and Mormons than they do in proclaiming the Truth. Weigel has even gone so far as to say that he has more in common with conservative Jews, Evangelicals and Mormons than he does with “social justice” Catholics, presumably “social justice” Catholics are Catholics who take Church Social Teaching seriously. Weigel is just basically admitting he is not a Catholic but rather an adherent to the American Civil Theology of “freedom.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been undercut by others who cite Vatican II or some USCCB pronouncement. American conservatives love a tamed Catholicism, a Catholicism subservient to America’s Civil Theology, but once you start to question the basic premises of American liberalism be prepared for the worst sort of vitriol, a vitriol seemingly reserved only for traditionalist Catholics.

    1. Given that I have received more than my fair share, I am quite prepared for it. Checking in on the #ActonU Twitter feed over the past few days renewed my resolve that there can be no marriage between Catholicism and liberalism; the latter is an intellectually and morally bankrupt project. When I saw Actonite Tweets along the lines of, “Best response to Distributists: ‘I like being a wage slave!’,” I became stick to my stomach. (Apparently, according to Twitter, Acton’s “course” on Distributism compared it to Italian fascism.) This is the mentality we are up against. It is distressing to say the least.

    2. I think you may be being unfair to Weigel. By Social Justice Catholics, he may mean Nuns on a Bus and similar far-left folks. One rather notorious nun, for instance, has worked as an abortion-mill escort. I definitely feel as though I have more in common with pro-life evangelicals than with this nun!

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